Yesterday, I returned from teaching a course at Breitenbush Hotsprings. The focus was revolution and how yoga is a practice of repitition, circling and each time you come around you have ascended. And through that japa you  eventually arrive at the center a.k.a. the source when that journey of spiraling ascension completes itself, like the snake swallowing itself.

It was a beautiful web that was woven over the course of three days. I never know what will occur, since it all depends on who participates. Each individual adds spice,  texture, color, and fragrance.


I am ever grateful and humbled by the amazing power that is created by combining our thoughts, efforts, and understandings. When we first came together and learned a bit about each other, it was obvious that transformation would be at the heart of this process. By the end we all felt lighter.


The Earth held our location. The Water  washed away the dross. The Fire sent our wishes upwards. The Wind blew the seeds of our intentions and those seeds were born from that magical Space that is the field in which the stories are told. Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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