There is no god


Before class begins, I am fortunate to be the one who establishes the space by bringing flowers, lighting candles, burning incense, sweeping the floor. I think to myself, This is creating sacred  space whether there is a higher consciousness or just a whole lot of things working almost absolutely perfectly, just by chance. It is sacred, perhaps more sacred if this is it. This moment, this body, this being, so sacred any way you look at it just because it exists. Albert Einstein brought light to the fact  that everything else is subordinate to Life. Life is the setting, the stage for the play to unfold.

Choose your acts as if this is the only time you will have the chance to or don’t act, just accept. Continue with acceptance until you overflow with bounty and then give, and give, and give. Not things. Give love in any and every way.



Saturday, April 16, 2011


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