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“A perfect thought is one devoid of selfish motive.”~Sharon Gannon

A tremendous amount of research points to the fact that we are born with a selfish brain and that, when given a choice, we have a biological tendency to act in selfish serving ways, especially if no one is watching.”

How God Can Change Your Brain.

~Andrew Newberg, M.D. and  Robert Waldmen>

These two quotes seemingly oppose one another, but looking a bit more closely they  actually guide each other from two different directions towards a center which is this moment.The perspective from science is that we are selfish by nature, but this book explains that through the practices of meditation; exercising the mind/brain, we can encourage the evolution of consciousness towards altruism and loving kindness. We move towards selfless motive rather than our nature of selfish motive. This is movement from density to light. Interesting that Eastern thought has the outlook that we are loving by nature. Regardless it is only in the practice that both the behavior of the Buddhist culture and the statitics of the scientific realm become reality. Desire begins with selfishness. It is a want, a longing for something to come from without and feed the within.... it is called the realm of the hungry ghosts in Buddhism. It can overwhelm you, but it is the spark that begins the movement. out of stagnation, out of the most dense. And then what? Once you have attained something the only thing to do is offering, otherwise it wilts. So tell me, what do you have to give to this moment?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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