Spring Retreats Complete


The morning’s atmosphere, muted yet crisp.

 A sunless sky; the backdrop  for infinite and vibrant shades of green.

Birdsong seeps through crevices in space,  invisible gateways, you might say.


I retreat from retreat with suitcases full of thoughts and memories to mull over and ruminate as I sit in the morning light of my bedroom after a spring full of workshops and retreats.


When I returned from India, I threw a handful of seeds into the future. Seeds formed from the wisdom and song that I love to study and share.  That future of those seeds has just now become the past as I have returned from the last retreat of the spring 2011. But back then, when India was fresh behind me, those seeds were merely thoughts and ideas of how I would like to share and grow. The study and practice of yoga has been my one consistent strong desire in my life for now twenty years. Slowly I get better at listening, retaining, and absorbing, practicing and becoming. And then the necessity of teaching is inevitable because then, one  learns all over again, with more clarity more humility. The birds ascend the mountain in ever rising circles, yes?


I ended up teaching 2 chakras workshops, 3 weekend retreats, a StreetYoga teacher training, and a handful of chanting workshops in beautiful spaces such as North Portland Yoga, The Yoga Shala of Portland, the Room to Move Studio in Port Townsend, Washington, and Breitenbush Hotsprings, as well.

I am so utterly grateful to all the people who collaborate and share both their gifts and their desires. their strengths and insecurities. The students I have met this spring have been amazing teachers in return. The owners and coordinators of all these places are so devoted to providing sacred spaces to study, ask questions, feel safe and supported, move our bodies and reach to the sky.  I am so lucky to interact with curious and awe inspired, awe inspiring folks.


As I write these words down, faces keep crossing my inner gaze. Connection, much of the time, is the word I choose to ponder throughout the day because it is the One Thing, if you know what i mean, AND it is infinitely open to interpretation. What are the connections we make? What purposes do they serve? No one could have told me of all these unique moments, these individual people, these connections, that have taught me so, growed me up, opened me up and let me go.


Thank you, Norwyn, for giving me that book. Thank you, Twila, for listening to my words. Thank you Paula for singing that song. Thank you, stranger, for giving me that smile. Thank you, wind, for touching my skin.


I look forward to the wondrous surprises that await their fruition.

Sometimes I close my eyes before I throw the seeds, and even if I see where they land, I never know how it will turn out. That is the Magic unfolding. Sometimes my eyes are closed when the seeds fall into my hands and then I couldn’t even tell you what they are intended to be....those are the old seeds, the lessons maybe I don’t want to learn, but there’s no getting around each breath. You breathe every one of them from the first breath in, to the last breath out.


I look forward to meeting you. Let’s see what kind of alchemy transpires. Let’s see what She has to show us. She shows us by our doing. What a Mystery.


Love, Sweethome

Posted on May 23, 2011 and filed under BLOG.