Long saris swim in the span of space across deep valleys between

Brick and cement five story buildings

Scaffolding made of bamboo.

Hands did this.



Sand colored walls tinted with moldish black


Humid days seasoned with petrol.

Barefeet women, gold rings on toes,

They weave garlands of jasmine flowers for Siva

squatting in the street with everything else.


A one armed man walks

His friend

Whose sunken milky eye waivers side to side

offers his open hand to me.


Sacred cows eat garbage flowing from tipped dumpsters.


Sacred is the peacock

Blue of Sky,

Dirt under her fingernails,

Scent of the canal,

The crooked and toothless smile of the ancient woman who

sold me the papaya this morning.

Posted on December 15, 2015 .