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Yoga Animal Rights Alliance

 is a grassroots organization that directly aligns the practice of yoga with animal rights activism. This organization offers yoga retreats at or near animal sanctuaries around the world. As part of our practice, a significant aspect of the retreat includes direct engagement by being a volunteer to the animals who have been rescued from dire circumstances, as well as a humble witness to the rich and diverse culture that is in deep relationship with the situation at hand. Our volunteer work will deepen the yoga experience, as we become humble change-makers and stewards of diverse life.

 The first of many ventures is to Chiang Mai, Thailand with Elephants, where the practice of self care is aligned with service to another species who, due to human ignorance, have found themselves needing sanctuary and love. This retreat will be held at an incredible homestay where we will learn many aspects of the thai culture through food, conversation, bodywork, and the land. 

The retreat will be held from January 27th-February 4th, 2018

Contact Sweethome if you are interested in registering and want more information:

This is a campaign about that bigger vision of weaving together education, self care, service, and action. This is a dream of awakening people to the realities of our actions
This work is advocating for those who have been misunderstood, mistreated, and neglected. This work is for seekers.


This is where my heart expands and an unstoppable desire to be of service arises!

To ensure you remain a part of the journey each step of the way, I plan to record the process through writing, photography, hands on work, and networking with established organizations, so stay connected by signing up to the newsletter:

Thailand Retreat 2018

Would you like to go to Thailand next year and practice yoga and volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary?

Save the dates January 27th-February 4th, 2018

A nine day retreat immersed in Thai culture and a day in the jungle with the Elephants. 

Cost of retreat is $1850 This includes:

  • transport from Chiang Mai to the retreat and back.

  •  9 days of Lodging and meals at the magical Earth Home Retreat

  • A day trip with Elephants in the jungle,

  • A Thai cooking class

  • A Thai Massage

  • A trip to the local temple and traditional Thai sauna

  • yoga, chanting, writing, meditation daily

$500 deposit saves your place. There is limited space for this retreat. Contact Sweethome to make arrangements: